Restaurant Review: D'Lox

Last week I met some friends for brunch at the new establishment in Sunland Park, D'Lox.   Unfortunately though, we missed the cutoff for the breakfast menu (11 am through the week, 12 pm on the weekend). However my lunch experience was so great, I can't wait to go back to try the breakfast menu.  My friends tried the St. Mary's Sandwich, which I assume is a signature dish with lox in the name of the restaurant.  Lox is technically a cured salmon, but often times the term is used for smoked salmon as well.  This was an open faced sandwich of a flatbread and boursin cheese, topped with smoked salmon and capers.  Both friends commented this was delicious, but something to eat quickly as we were sitting outside and it wasn't' as appetizing once it got warm.

St. Mary's Sandwich

Another friend of mine went with the grilled chicken sandwich, a big, delicious but messy monster of a sandwich served on a ciabatta roll with gratuitous amounts of cheese, avocado and bean sprouts.  I myself  choose the chicken wrap with a name played off the brand of the restaurant (D'Lux wrap?).  It had a nice southwestern flair with a creamy sauce with a hint of lime that coated the avocado, chicken, spinach and mushrooms.   The sandwiches come with a choice of side (NOTE: Salmon sandwiches do not come with a side). Probably my favorite thing about D'Lox was their Lime Margarita Fries!  Delicous! The fries are crispy, dusted with thick salt and black pepper and have this amazing lime tang to them, no ketchup needed. I need to find out how they make them.

Grilled Chicken Sandwich and Lime Margarita Fries
D'Lux Chicken Wrap and Lime Margarita Fries

If you get the chance to eat outside, do it! Its' a niceand cozy atmosphere to watch the cars drive by.  At $7-9 dollars a sandwich, prices seem pretty reasonable too.  The one thing I did notice was there were no alcoholic beverages on the menu, so no mimosas or bloody mary's to enjoy your meal with.  However, overall D'lox was a lovely experience and I'm excited to go back and try more.

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  1. Mmmmmmmm thanks for the tip, we just put D'Lox on our list!!!

  2. This place has no customer service. Their website says they open at 7 am, they made us wait outside until 9 am! They didn't offer us any coffee or invited us inside to wait even though the door was unlocked. Sherry the manager/owner was rude and didn't care even though she's the owner. The novelty will fade with this joint like it always does in El Paso. Ms. Sherry has alot of learning to do. When you have that much business (right now) you don't care.

    1. That sucks that you had terrible service. To be honest, I visited during the day on Thursday, probably not their biggest rush. I will have to try it again during the weekend when I bet it's busier.

    2. We have eaten there several times. Awesome service. I don't know what that other person saw. Their brunch clearly says angry people seem to get angry easy. I hope they try it again. We keep bringing friends back. They love it too.

  3. Just ate lunch there today and the service and food was great. Someone must of been following comments because they had servers galore and I can't say enough nice things about the restaurant. I'm recommending to my friends and co-workers!

  4. We have eaten there three times and it was always a pleasant experience.Food and service was very good.I have talked to numerous people who have eaten there and all liked it.

  5. Too much black pepper for me, but the food and the service were outstanding.


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